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Crypto Software Review. Is eKrona safe or scam? Is my money safe with Sweden's eKrona coin? Can I make money with eKrona?

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The Bitcoin breakthrough more than a decade ago has inspired the creation of thousands of other cryptocurrencies. While many are legitimate and giving investors actual and lucrative returns on investment, others have turned out to be significant scams exiting with enthusiastic crypto investors’ funds. Therefore, the need to make careful decisions about investing in cryptocurrency projects is concerned can never be overstated. 

Sweden’s eKrona coin is a project that has established its reputation over the short period it has existed, and we can see a lot of legitimate promise in terms of giving users good returns. 

As you may have noticed, there is a thin line between counting losses and making money when you hold digital assets, particularly the new ones. Investing in the correct tokens will see you enjoy your future. The reverse, however, is true if you’re unlucky enough to fall for a scam project. 

eKrona has already enrolled over 10 million investors worldwide, proving their trust with more enrolling daily. I can confidently say this is a legit cryptocurrency project. There are even reports that the Swedish Chief Central Banker, Stevan Ingves, is attempting to sway the country to move to this currency in 2020. The European Union will likely have adopted the coin by Q4 2021.

What is eKrona?

Sweden’s eKrona coin is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency just like its predecessor, digital currencies, with a grand promise for the future. Investors can buy or sell tokens on, a fully regulated crypto exchange, being the only approved and legal distributor. The tokens can be used to process in-store purchases globally. 

The eKrona team had spent years designing and implementing these groundbreaking features of the platform before developing the coin, its official currency. Investors and traders can now buy, sell, or exchange eKrona on the platform.

Commission and Fees: 

eKrona does not charge any commission or fee. However, you may be charged a transfer fee by your bank or the money transfer service provider you use to deposit money. 

Steps to Opening an eKrona Account

Step 1: Go to the eKrona official website and complete the registration of your account 

Fill in your details on the form provided, indicating your name, last name, email, and phone number after inputting the country code. The details are then processed for some seconds, and you will be redirected to a client portal.

Crypto Software Review. Is eKrona safe or scam? Is my money safe with Sweden's eKrona coin? Can I make money with eKrona?

Step 2: Connect to an account manager

Once you register, your account manager will call you to explain the account setup process. The agent will guide you on making payments depending on which local bank you use.

Step 3: Deposit money in your account and start trading 

The platform requires that you open an account with a minimum deposit, which is treated as your investment on the platform.

Step 4: Start Live Trading 

Once you make the initial deposit investment, you can start your live trade.

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Is eKrona safe?

The first question an investor would ask themselves before even thinking about investing is if the investment is safe. Investing before answering this question is deemed careless, and there is a chance your funds will be facing impending doom. ICO exit scams have raised fear after managing to walk away with billions of dollars more than once.

Our market experts and analysts have taken eKrona for various road tests, and all have turned out positive. is a legitimate platform that has created their coin, which is also genuine. Our highly dependable experts have made sure that they pass all tests before passing out this judgment, so you can rest assured of your funds’ safety.

Pros and cons of eKrona

• As eKrona was recently introduced, it is bound to generate a high return of investment as it pushes for broad adoption.
• eKrona price is still low, and as it is gaining momentum, it’s just a matter of time before they multiply.
• Clients’ accounts are encrypted with state-of-the-art technology, which sees to it that security is at the top.
• eKrona uses local banks in payments making it cheaper and faster.
• eKrona assigns agents to their clients who see to it that the clients are treated as VIPs.
• The platform is regulated, meaning that there is high stability cutting on the risks met by volatile cryptocurrencies.
• There is a 0.00% fee charged for trades. This is the best offer you will come across.
• eKrona has a broad client base ensuring that you can transact to most parts of the world.
• After its adoption by the European Union, it is anticipated that there will be high returns. The first crypto to be adopted.
• eKrona tokens can only be bought from, which cuts out other clients.
• eKrona being so young, is competing with well-established coins such as Bitcoins.
• Countries not served by cannot acquire the coins.

How does eKrona work?

After registering, an eKrona agent will contact you, and you will make payment to the details they will provide. Coins will then be deposited into your account. You can choose whether to trade by yourself or use the automated trading bots. 

Crypto Software Review. Is eKrona safe or scam? Is my money safe with Sweden's eKrona coin? Can I make money with eKrona?

Deposits and withdrawals


After registering with the platform, you will be assigned an agent in your country. These people have been audited and verified so that you can trust them. After agreeing on an amount, you need to deposit; the agent will give you the deposit details for your bank to make the payment. Upon verification, coins are released to your account, where you can trade with or leave it as an investment.


Whenever you need to make a withdrawal after getting your profit from trades or investments, you visit your dashboard and initiate a withdrawal procedure. eKrona will make payments to your local bank as this is a fast and smooth method. Withdrawals are processed at a fantastic speed.

Customer Service 

Upon registration, eKrona will assign you one of their agents who will always be online and willing to offer any support. The agent will conduct the trades, and whenever there is any clarification required, they are called forth.

eKrona Payment Methods

Unlike other platforms, eKrona uses local banks to make and receive payments. This is because it is cost-effective and fast compared to international methods, which can put transactions on hold.

Online security

eKrona puts their clients’ privacy as their top-most priority. All accounts are configured and encrypted by state-of-the-art technology, which makes them impenetrable to hackers. Personal details and names of the clients are also encrypted for maximum security.

eKrona in numbers

• eKrona boasts a population of 10 million clients

• It has a trading volume of $530.9 billion with 5.6 billion payment transaction

• 1 official digital cryptocurrency


Is eKrona safe? Sweden's eKrona coin Review: Scam or Legit


What is eKrona?

Sweden’s eKrona coin is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency.

Is Sweden’s eKrona coin a scam or legit?

Totally legit! Besides passing all our tests, eKrona has over 10 million investors and available in more than 200 countries cementing its trust.

Is eKrona safe or a scam?

Sweden’s eKrona coin is safe and real. There is a transaction history and well-kept details on all funds coming in and out. After your investment makes a good profit, you can sell the coins and receive your money instantaneously. 

How to buy eKrona? Where to buy e-krona?

You can now buy, sell and swap Sweden’s cryptocurrency on the eKrona’s official website.

Are funds safe with eKrona?

The platform has a high-quality security system encrypted with state-of-the-art technology. Blockchain technology is considered one of the safest today due to its immutability and encryption.

Is eKrona an ICO exit scam?

eKrona is far from being an ICO exit scam. It does not give unrealistic promises to make millions in a short period as most scams do. At the end of it all, it will be down to one’s trading strategies and tools.

Is eKrona good for beginners?

eKrona has a simplified client interface for smooth and easy trading. Registration is simple, and all you need to do after that is deposit funds to make purchases, and you are good to go.

How can I start investing in eKrona cryptocurrency?

After registration on, one of their agents in your country will get in touch and transfer your coins. The platform supports various bank transfers.

Can you make money with eKrona?

The question should be, how much can you make with eKrona. Given that it was recently created, there is still a long way to go, and the early investors will reap great benefits.

Does eKrona cryptocurrency have fees?

eKrona charges 0.00% from trading as they have a goal of wide adoption rather than making huge profits.

Are there alternatives to eKrona?

Well, currently, cryptocurrencies in the market are almost challenging our population. So, yes, there are various alternatives. However, eKrona stands out as they are regulated, still in their early stages, and its state-of-the-art security system is one of the best. 

¿Es eKrona una estafa o es legítima?

¡Totalmente legal! Además de pasar todas nuestras pruebas, eKrona tiene más de 10 millones de inversores y está disponible en más de 200 países, lo que consolida su confianza.

L’eKrona est-il sûr ou une arnaque?

L’eKrona est sûr. Il existe un historique des transactions et des détails bien conservés sur tous les fonds entrant et sortant. Une fois que votre investissement a réalisé un bon profit, vous pouvez vendre les coins et recevoir votre argent instantanément. 

Try eKrona


Our verdict

After going through the details of eKrona, a good investor will see this as the best opportunity to make suitable investments. eKrona has proved its legitimacy in the business, giving 100% trust levels. As the cryptocurrency was recently introduced, early investors are due to reap the most from this platform. This is a registered platform, and you can be confident that your hard-earned cash will generate you a good earning.

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